Grapefruit Bergamot Oil Essence - Peace of the Earth

Grapefruit Bergamot Oil Essence

$ 14.99
Bergamot oil comes from a small citrus tree that bears a fruit similar to an orange. It is very sweet and pairs well with the tangier smell of Grapefruit.  These natural oil essences are the heart of Peace of the Earth's product line.  We make these scents by custom blending pure essential oils.  We think you will agree that the combinations are divine!  You can use the pure oil essences in a variety of ways: add a couple of drops to a warm bath, in an oil burner, on a cotton ball inside a drawer to scent your clothes, etc.   Because these are pure plant oils that could be irritating, avoid direct contact with skin.  See our Oil Perfume section for scents to wear on the body.  Net weight .5 ounces.