New Beginnings

Welcome to the Peace of the Earth's new website and blog!  Before I burst with excitement, let me introduce myself.  My name is Leslie Bowers and I am the owner and head soapmaker at Peace of the Earth.  I love making things that make people happy.  I love my 2 kids, Louisville, and yummy vegetarian food. Shockingly enough,  my favorite color is green.  So now you know a little about me.  What's this blog all about? I hope to include information about what makes our product line special, what's happening in our retail store, tips about living an eco-friendly lifestyle and I will also throw in some occasional inspiration because we all need a little bit of that, right?  I want to use this space as an opportunity to connect with you too!  Send me an email ( and let me know what sort of things you would like to read about in the blog.   I entitled this first post "New Beginnings" not only because of the new site but also because we have experienced a lot of changes and awakenings in our own lives this year.  In September, I celebrated the one year anniversary (feel free to let out a "woot, woot!") of going through treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.   It had taken me away from Peace of the Earth for several months and it was challenging to get back into the rhythm of things.  I am back in full swing though and am more aware now than ever before how important it is to lead a healthy life, to be kind to our bodies with the products that we use both externally and internally, to create a peaceful environment,  and to be kind to the earth with how we conduct our lifestyles.   I am committed to putting all of this into practice in my own life and in how Peace of the Earth operates as well.  I hope that you will come along on the journey with me.  You don't have to have a potentially life threatening illness to make changes.  Your new beginning can start today.